Creative Writing Tips for All

Hello. If you’re here, then somewhere in the vastness of cyberspace, you’ve stumbled across my little blog and you’re a least vaguely interested.

So first of all, I’m the Bardic Blogger and I’ve written fiction for as long as I remember. I’m 27 years old and haven’t yet submitted anything more than a poem for publication. Instead, I’ve been learning all about the writing craft in order to get a bit better at it first.

Having said that, I do have some great tips and ideas for new writers, learnt from many a mistake made over the years in my previous written novels.

You can nearly always work out how long someone’s been writing by their `beginner mistakes’ and we all make them, believe me.

I can show you how to avoid some of these mistakes and help you to learn some great techniques to get you started. I can also show how to spot great plots, characterisation and storytelling in other writing and media which will improve your writing.

Well, that’s my intro. Hope you find something useful in my future posts to get you started in your creative writing career and/or hobby. Enjoy!


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