No.1 Writing Tip – Follow Your Heart

If you asked me what advice I would give to other writers there would be one thing right at the top of my list:


“Follow Your Heart.”

This sounds easy but it isn’t. It’s extremely difficult at times. We have so many other sources of info to give us advice, tips, writing exercises. These are all great. But everyone has something which works for them. Everyone has their own direction or path with writing.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the details of writing, in trying to get better at it or comparing ourselves to others, that we forget what it is we love about it. It becomes work instead of art. Now there’s nothing wrong with that.

But remember that whatever advice you read, wherever you read it, follow what feels true to your heart.

Sometimes you’ll think that doing this new writing exercise you’ve found won’t hurt. It’s nice to try something new. But after you’ve done it you don’t feel the same about that piece of writing as with your other stuff. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel right. It may feel forced or unnatural for you. Always try to keep in touch with what you love about writing. It’s not always about the details sometimes it’s about the feeling you get when you write.

Plus, try not to compete too much, whether it’s with yourself or others. Everyone is different and for some people competitiveness kills their creativity and their individuality rather than enhancing it. Focus on appreciating the fact that you’re different and that others are different as well.

17 thoughts on “No.1 Writing Tip – Follow Your Heart

  1. Once again, a very pertinent article on writing. I’ve given up on two writing projects because I tried to submit them to restrictive writing techniques.

    And btw, I enjoy watching TV shows and movies but I can’t stop looking for parallel scenes and checkov guns ever since I read your articles 😛 I feel like I finally see the light!

    • Lol. Thanks. I have to admit I read too many writing books and it ruined my writing for a while. I lost my ability to be completely in the moment in the story and every time I wrote I had a ton of worries and thoughts bogging me down. I am now trying to clear my head again and get lost in the writing experience, so hopefully I’ll be back to normal again soon. I’m the same with the parallel scenes and chekov’s gun. I keep watching TV and exclaiming `Chekov’s Gun!’ and no one else has any idea what I’m talking about. 🙂

  2. This came at just the right time for me. I have been doubting my writing, whether or not I am “doing it right”. I had even walked away from it for a week. I think I will go back to it with a more relaxed approach. Thank you!

  3. James Dean refused to be criticized in an acting class. His reason was he didn’t want anyone to change him or his style.
    A few years ago I read a critical review of the “Old Man and the Sea.” What! The review said it was poorly written and ill conceived.
    Hemingway said it best, “Write honest.”
    Thanks for this post. Well done.

  4. To be honest and truthful as much as possible. I think that’s a good start for writing. And write about what’s in your heart. I think this is very good advice. Thank you very much for this encouraging blog!

  5. Hi there!
    Thank you for following my blog. But the e-mail said that you were following and here is the thing: it is written in Turkish. If you speak Turkish, then thanks again, keep following! But if you don’t, I think it is because it was chosen as my primary blog and/or something that wordpress did. I have another blog which I have started writing for the reasons that are stated here in your post: write just the way that I want to. Check out my about page and you’ll see. Here’s the link:
    And thank you for this encouraging post.

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