The Writing Myth – If Only I Had More Time

Let me throw a scenario at you. You have lots of ideas or projects, or even just one very large project. You work full-time, have significant others, bills, responsibilities, a social life. You keep wanting to write more but there’s not enough time. You think:

`If only I had more time to write. If only I could go away for a while and get a break, so I could write more, then everything would be okay.’

The Passage of Time

Image by ToniVC via Flickr


It’s rare that I use that word in giving writing advice. Maybe it works for some people but here’s what really happens:

You don’t have to work, either through circumstances or choice. You spend hours pottering around your writing space/house or wherever it is that you’ve decided to get on with it. You sit and try to write staring at the page but suddenly have a strong yearning to be outside.

Eventually you begin to lose all sense of inspiration and interest in your writing. Suddenly you’re so bored that you can’t possibly sit down and write.

We often dream of having more time to write but here’s what most people don’t tell you: You need, yes need a balance between your writing and your other responsibilities.

Without the world outside your writing space you have no inspiration and become too isolated and all creativity dries up.

In fact it’s better to look at solutions that are more practical, such as focussing on finishing one project and trying not to do everything at once. Maybe if you’re feeling that there isn’t enough time it’s because you are scattering your attention  too much.

Maybe you’ve too many hobbies and can’t possibly do everything at once. If a project seems overwhelming then maybe you could focus on doing one part of it instead of all of it, in order to make it seem less daunting.

Think about it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Writing Myth – If Only I Had More Time

  1. This is quite true for me. I have had plenty of extra time the last several months and I still can’t manage to get into a daily writing practice! I’ve learned to appreciate what you are saying, that it’s a balance. Whether you are busy or bored, you have to plan and manage your time. That’s what it comes down to. 🙂 Thanks. dara

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