Focus Your Writing Projects

A lot of people out there think that creative writing is easy. Pick up a pen, write some random words and voilà you have creative writing. Others think that it requires excessive scrutiny, fixing words, phrases and grammar until you have the perfect manuscript or poem. It’s debatable which of these is true. Maybe both are true but for some of us it’s not so easy to decide just how to focus  your writing. Should you study and study until you understand all the forms or should you just let your passion guide you and revise it later.

I would suggest a mixture of both.

You see many writers walk the fine line between focussing on their writing projects and leaving their mind open for new projects.

Sometimes you can end up stumbling over several different projects until you have no idea which to focus on.

Well here’s a tip:

Pick one!

It sounds so simple but it isn’t.

Yes, you can start new projects while working on one already but if the work starts piling up then maybe you should write down the idea for later. It can be hard to hold back your instincts if you have an idea you’re excited about but if you’re constantly starting and not finishing projects then pick the one you’re most passionate about (which is usually the one you’ve spent the most time on anyway) and work on completing it.

Isaac Asimov apparently had at least four typewriters around his apartment with different writing projects. He published over a whopping 500 books. But since I’m not Isaac Asimov, I have two computers and usually work on a major novel and sometimes one or two side-projects.

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14 thoughts on “Focus Your Writing Projects

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    • I don’t mind you using this on your website as long as you credit me and link to the page. Just copy the page url from your browser and then put a note saying: copyright (c) bardicblogger 2011. All rights reserved.

  2. Your page is so fantastic! You sure do know how to keep your audience entertained. Im so glad that I took the time to look at this blog, because let me tell you. Not a lot of people know how to balance knowledge of a subject and content. The videos are perfect!

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