Writing Prompt:Unconscious

Following on from last month’s Velvet Verbosity prompt Starved and my piece March of the Dispossessed here’s the next writing prompt.

Gambler’s Anonymous

He stopped and kneeled down at the side of the road. One single poker chip remained on the concrete next to the unconscious woman.

Poker Chips

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Maybe she’d got desperate he wondered.

He’d seen the chaos at the job centre. A lot of people were finding themselves stuck in the thick of money troubles.

She didn’t look like a gambler. Her purse lay next to her, its velvet folds splattered on the pavement and he had a random impulse to take it. He needed every penny he could get but John couldn’t bring himself to do it. He wasn’t

that desperate yet.


10 thoughts on “Writing Prompt:Unconscious

  1. This follows nicely from your last piece. (Which I really liked; it’s so pertinent to the current socio-economic climes.)

    And this line? “One single poker chip remained on the concrete next to the unconscious woman.” I really enjoyed. Simple but stark.

    • Thanks very much and thanks for stopping by. I decided to link a few things together here. I mentioned that poker chip in another post 😉 I actually walked past one in the street (although no unconscious woman was lying next to it) Wished I’d took a picture of it now, I could’ve used it.

      • “Wished I’d took a picture of it now, I could’ve used it.”

        🙂 I was thinking the other day that I need to attach my camera to my hand so I can jump on opportune moments.

        I’ve had so many that would make great blog posts/illustrations and nothing with me to capture them. Quite frustrating.

  2. I had to go read your previous piece so I could get the context. I really like how this character is being developed. He’s obviously in a tough spot but he is still keeping his own values.

    Great work. Visiting from 100 words

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