5 thoughts on “Words of the Wise

  1. Bit of a double entendre here? At first read I saw, “You must stay drunk to write so reality cannot destroy you.” At a second look it’s obvious that the writing is the intoxicant.

    Have you ever felt drunk on writing? Perhaps I’m not a true writer (yet) but I can’t say I’ve ever felt so enthralled as to consider myself drunk.

    • In answer to your question: Definitely! I think the writing experience differs for everybody but I have felt very enthralled by my writing when I’m in the middle of a novel.

  2. Perhaps I need to start writing novels then instead of 1-2 page entries that really just make me feel like I’m accomplishing something.

    Novels are just so time intensive and I need immediate gratification, sir. It’s the American way!

  3. Might have posted this twice (I am drinking whisky at the moment – so anything is possible). Love Ray Bradbury. If tells me to get drunk on writing, then drunk on writing is what I will do 🙂

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