Writing Prompt – Game

The 100 Word Prompt From Velvet Verbosity this week is Game, so here’s a Game of Thrones (TV) Inspired Acrostic.


Greed breeds tragedy
Armies march across the land
Men are,
Eager to destroy their lives…

Over thrones and coin and duty.
For they chase ambition…

To hell and back
Hasty in their judgements.
Righteous men ignoring consequences
Opting for power games over peace.
No one survives the funeral pyre.
Except for one of dragon blood, the Khaleesi,
Stormborn Princess.

Dark wing bring dire words,
Ravens the messengers of blood.
Across the waters, more tragedy, more death.
Goodbye Khal Droga and the stallion who would mount the world leaving
Old myths reborn in their wake.
Now, nothing stands in her way.

5 thoughts on “Writing Prompt – Game

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  2. Ah, another Game of Thrones fan. Have you read the other three books? Number 5 is finally coming out in July, I hear. Ah, but your piece – it’s very nice, very evocative of a brutal time and a fierce hope.

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