My Unofficial Writing Rules

Feel free to disagree. These are just what I’ve found works for me.

  1. Don’t butcher your writing, revise it but don’t hack it to pieces.
  2. Keep it as your baby and not your finances. You can still plan to sell it but don’t forget your love for it.
  3. Money is for survival alone and nothing to do with ART.
  4. Patience, don’t let bad situations push you into rushing or writing something you really don’t want to write.
  5. Write first, worry about how it will be received later.
  6. Don’t write down every single thing, write things down but be careful you don’t overload yourself with information and ideas and begin pressurizing yourself.
  7. Revise the oldest one first so that you don’t feel it’s dragging on.
  8. Don’t think revising needs to be methodical. It just comes with time.
  9. Writing is like a relationship, too much nagging at it drives it away.
  10. Stay focussed on the now. You can plan ahead but not too much.
  11. There are no rules!

8 thoughts on “My Unofficial Writing Rules

  1. I definitely agree with this. While editing is important, you shouldn’t hack it into tiny pieces because then you won’t feel in the mood to edit, because there’s so much that needs to be done. Likewise, we write because we love it. If we can earn money with it; great, but don’t lose the adoration for the tales.

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