Easy Ways to Improve Your Spelling

Struggling with your spelling?

Here’s some easy ways to improve:


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  • Decide what kind of thinker you are?

Think about what you remember easily. Numbers? Images? Sounds? I’ve noticed that a lot of people want to spell words how they sound. If this is you then try reading the word out and memorize each section of the word.

I.e. Great (sounds like gr8) but is spelled as gre+at

  • Split large words into smaller words.

Just like in the example above you can memorize long words by their shorter counterparts.

I.e CUPBOARD split up into Cup + bo + ar + d or CUP + BOARD.

        Longer words like `PHENOMENON’ can be split as PHE + NOM + E + NON

  • Try to spell it right from the beginning.

This sounds obvious but spelling is a habit. Every time we come across a word and spell it wrong, find out the right way and correct yourself. Spelling improves by learning from our errors. Double-check any words your aren’t sure of.

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Even good spellers get it wrong sometimes. The more you practise spelling words right, the better your spelling gets.

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