30-Day Blogging Challenge – Day 1

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So I’ve decided to participate in a blog-based challenge from writing.com.

The first prompt is:

“We are now in the mid year of 2011.
Look back at the start of this year
and share your glory days.”


When I first saw this prompt my immediate reaction was `Oh no!’. 2010 was not a good year for me and the beginning of 2011 was extremely stressful. In 2010, I had a full-time job (that I needed to leave), a lot of health problems and more than stress than I thought was possible. When 2011 came, I was (by choice) unemployed, still ill and in no-mans land in terms of security.

But an odd thing occurred in early 2011. In the absence of all the things I’d had before, I moved  into a new direction.

Seven months on and I’m doing more writing than ever (without the stress of a job) and I’m enrolled to start University in September and I’m in touch with old friends again.

One of the theories about the month January, is that it was named for the Roman God Janus (or Ianus). He was the god of doorways, transitions and new beginnings, one head facing to the past and one head facing to the future. I still remember every time January comes that each year can take a new direction. 2011 certainly did for me.

So my highlight of 2011 so far? My glory days?

1. Reconnecting with my love for writing.

2. Deciding to go back to education.

3. Working on this blog.

4. Connecting with other writers and old friends.

5. A bad situation turning into a (hopefully) better one.


7 thoughts on “30-Day Blogging Challenge – Day 1

  1. Horray for re-discovering your passion for writing. That’s always a joy to hear. Plus, university education is the best. I love my classes and I hope you will, too.

  2. That’s weird. I’M actually 27 years old and a daydreamer and (sort of) a writer. What’s this with people stealing my life all the time? I SHAKE MY FIST AT YOU BARDICBLOGGER!

  3. I should probably clarify that I’m saying that in rseponse to having looked at your Gravatar profile thing… I’m not mad, honest!

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