30 Day Blogging: Rewind

Todays writing.com prompt is:

“If life had a ‘redo’ or ‘rewind’ button would you use? If so, what situation comes to mind? If not, why?”

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At the time of some situations, I would have been very tempted to erase or rewind time. In terms of writing if something isn’t working I have gone back and started again from the point it began to unravel.

Yet my answer would have to be no. I believe that everything comes to teach and sometimes what might seem like the worst possible situation could turn out to be the most important. Think about all the historical figures who were influenced by the bad events in their life: War poets, painters, writer’s, politicians…

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If Monet had not had cataracts or Bram Stoker had not heard about and witnessed the Cholera epidemic, would they have produced the same work as they did?

Culture Note

During a visit to Dublin, I passed by Bram Stoker’s house and was told how a story about the link between Cholera and Vampire myths. The tour guide explained how the young Bram Stoker witnessed an infected woman climbing in the window of his house with blood dripping from her mouth. This was characteristic of Cholera and the bodies of the victims were staked to the ground, as the Victorians believed the person’s soul would otherwise escape and infect the living. He combined these myths with an outbreak of vampire mass hysteria in Europe.

Bram Stoker, author and early President of the...

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