30 Day Blogging – Inspiration

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July 7, 2011 Prompt:

“Music can be inspirational. Has music ever inspired you to write or to create? If so, what music inspires you the most? Any particular song(s) or artist(s)? If not, what inspires you to write?”

Inspiration (for creative writing) can be found absolutely everywhere, especially in music. Anything that taps into the mind of humanity or the thoughts and emotions of an individual person or group, is a story.

For me, music genres that tell a story, such as film soundtracks and underground hip-hop, are the most inspiring. Any music with interesting lyrics inspire me.

Personally, although I have used music for inspiration in writing exercises and for short works, my work usually comes from daydreams or from sudden scenes that play out in my head.

I enjoy looking at things around me and imagining it as something else:

  • If I’m on the bus looking up at the rooftops of houses, I imagine people `free running‘ along the rooftops.
  • If I’m sat next to a window, I can imagine people smashing through it dressed in black ops gear.

I think a lot of inspiration comes from being able to see different possibilities around you.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging – Inspiration

  1. I tend not to listen to music while writing as some do–it can distract me, but music invades my writing in forms of imagery. I played the piano and organ so still remember a fair amount about music notation etc. I’ve used music metaphors and have written poems with music themes. Finally, musical meter seems to underlie my writing both in poetry and prose. I’m very conscious of rythmn.

    • I don’t listen to music while writing, although I sometimes find inspiration from music, yet I am not easily distracted by any noise when I’m writing. What does distract me is being interrupted while writing because then I lose my train of thought. Your background in music must be very useful!

      Thanks for stopping by. x

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