100 Words:For Wards, Waifs and Strays.

 The writing prompt over at Velvet Verbosity is FORWARD so here’s my 100 Words for this week.

For Wards, Waifs and Strays

Forwards in time, backwards in poverty.
Money is an illusion created by the masses.
We need it to survive yet we’d survive better without it.
Crazed men chase it,
forever playing the money game,
winning in one hand, 
while losing in the other.

On the surface they’re a success.
Everything is theirs,
yet they’ve never looked beyond their own perspective.
They’re unable to see anything in the eyrie of existence.
Each exists in their own bubble,
a marble held up to the eye,
yet most don’t realize there are two worlds:
a world of fantasy and a world of delusion.

Marbles of different sizes and colors.

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13 thoughts on “100 Words:For Wards, Waifs and Strays.

  1. There are days when I wished I could be completely self-sufficent, and in need of no money at all. It sure would solve a lot of problems, with the entire world too.

  2. Ah, sometimes I think I’d be happy for a bit more delusion if it meant I could indulge in a bit more fantasy – but that’s when I’m feeling especially cynical! Nicely done, thank you.

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  4. Hey,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. 🙂 I am at the crossroads of life for quite some time battling here and there for money. It is hard when you have political ideals and when you so clearly don’t like money to have to deal with it. Money is a system brought in my humans. If science can change, technology can change, nations can change why can’t this concept of money? Or will the whole world just be chaotic? Well, I don’t have an alternative, so I should not be talking about this. Great 100 words. Lovely choice of images.


    • No problem. I know how you feel. I’ve felt like that for most of my life. I never cared about money but I’m not from a well off background so it has to enter the equation, unfortunately. Still it’s nice to think of the alternatives. Maybe one day the world will change for the better.

  5. I worked at a meditation center for a year and a half in “finance and registration”. It was my job to make sure money changed hands for programs. I saw many many people come and go in that time, all in various stages of “enlightenment”. I saw people handle disagreements with stunning clarity and compassion. I saw people offer food and shoulder rubs and a helping hand graciously. But when it came to money, out came the neurosis.

    • It’s strange that it does that to people. I’ve seen how easily people’s morals can sink when it comes to money. Even good people seem to fall into greed and money-chasing.

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