The Mirror Path – Beginning

100 Word Challenge – Velvet Verbosity `Split’

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The Mirror Path – Part 1

Down, beyond the winding hedges of the maze, the wide pathway split into two narrow paths.

“I thought Labyrinths were the easy ones? This one is hard.”

Diana shrugged at her sister, Danni. They were identical twins and mirror images of each other.

“So it’s a maze. I don’t know. The pamphlet said Labyrinth.”

“What do we do now then?”

Diana frowned. Danni was always getting worked up over nothing. It was only a tourist attraction, after all. How difficult could it be?

“You take one path, I’ll take the other. We’re bound to find each other at some point.”

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14 thoughts on “The Mirror Path – Beginning

  1. perhaps they will both approach a mirror and think they are seeing the other sister, only to realize it is just themselves…

    So many ways to go with this. Love it

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    • Thanks. I’m kinda wondering where it will go myself. I have a few ideas but they usually change when it comes down to the actual writing part and it ends up going somewhere I never meant it to. All my stories seem to do that. x

  4. Not a lot to go on, in your first part of the story. However, at least you have a solid understanding of the mechanics of dialogue (unlike many fiction bloggers). The dialogue itself feels natural, which I can really appreciate. I look forward to periodically checking in on your blog. If you have a chance, check out mine!

    • Thanks. The beginning was from a 100 word prompt so it did feel a little strange condensing it. I’ve been considering whether to rewrite and expand this to create a second, more complete beginning, so thanks, you’ve helped me make up my mind on that one. x

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