Day 16 – The Mystery of All Things

In terms of your artistic/writingcraft, comment on the following idea:

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious”. Einstein “What shakes the eye but the invisible?” Theodore Roethke

Mystery is beautiful but sometimes frightening. All things are an enigma,  even life itself and writing is often an observation or exploration of that mystery. We traverse the depths of our unconscious trying to find something yet not even knowing what we are looking for.

We enjoy creating our own invisible worlds from the visible world around us.

Short Lived Phenomena in the Sky

Image by dougkeeney via Flickr

But as writer’s we must see as much beauty in the visible as the invisible and in the others aspects of life, that maybe aren’t as pleasant.

I like these quotes and I think they’re very true, but what of the ugly. We can’t discard that completely. Maybe ugly can be beautiful and beautiful can be ugly. How many times have you met someone who appeared superficially very attractive but after you talked to them they seemed ugly and vice-versa.

The same goes for writing. Not everything is how is seems. The story you like the best, others might not and the one you wrote that you thought wasn’t that good, sometimes get praised more than anything else.

TIFF 2008 Slumdog Millionaire screening at Rye...

Image via Wikipedia

It reminds me of the film director, Danny Boyle. In a discussion about his films, on Channel 4, he said that he felt more protective of `A Life Less Ordinary‘ than his other films because it wasn’t the most popular. I was surprised at this. It’s one of my favourite Danny Boyle films.

It seems that even the most acclaimed writers have work that does better or worse than they expected.

I guess we can’t really know how something will be received until we put it out there.


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