The Mirror Path – Part 2

This continues from The Mirror Path – Part 1, which was inspired by the Velvet Verbosity 100 Word Challenge. I’m writing it as I go and will post the story in sections. It is intended to be a short story but I will write it until I think it’s finished so it could always end up longer.


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Diana trailed through the labyrinth like a tornado. Her sister would be panicking without her. She’d been walking for a good half an hour and still hadn’t found anything.

No exits, no signs…

What kind of tourist attraction was this?

Okay so she was lost. What next?

Diana turned right, under an archway, thinking there might be some signposts in the centre. It had mentioned a café in the pamphlet. If it was in the middle she could ask for directions from there or borrow someone’s cell phone.

Through the arch was another arch. She passed under about twenty of them all lined up in succession as if they had been waiting for her and, at the end, was a large door.

It seemed so out-of-place in the labyrinth that she stopped dead, gawking at the wooden frame. She could hear someone talking on the other side.


It was a woman’s voice, one which was promptly answered by a male voice.

“Yeah,” he said, gruffly. “Pretty, blonde girls. They’ve no chance in here. Probably can’t navigate much.”

Diana found herself feeling annoyed. He was implying that they were idiots. People always did. One look at a girl with a baby face and they assumed that female was lacking in brain cells. They never bothered to look beyond the twins’ faces or to consider how different they both were.

Annoyed or not, Diana reasoned that she was better with people than alone and opened the door to ask them for help.

Yet, on the other side, all she found was a mirror and her own reflection staring straight back at her, crowned with greenery.

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