Day 23 – Insomnia

Owl Andeh

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Today’s Prompt is:

Write about what you think about that moment before you go to sleep.

Where do I start?

My mind is the most active just before I go to sleep, so as you can imagine I do not fall asleep easily or early (as you can guess by my handle (athinkerneversleeps).

Every morning I awake like a zombie, slow, tired and still half-asleep. Every night my mind becomes alert and awake. This has happened for as long as I can remember. I believe, I was born this way, with a night owl circadian rhythm.

I think about the day, the world, the meaning of life, people, stories, writing, articles, conversations, books, films, music etc…

Lucky for me there’s a lot out there for an insomniac.
There’s even a campaign,


Late risers unite in Denmark  


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