Repost – 10 Monsters That Inspire Dread (via Listverse)

Very useful list when looking for fantasy monsters. Of course you can always create your own but myths and legends are still great for helping you to create your critters!

10 Monsters That Inspire Dread Mysterious creatures of the night – the stuff of nightmares! This list takes a look at ten monsters from history, myth and folklore that ought to scare the pants off us. I have tried to restrict the list to creatures that have not been presented on Listverse before, to keep things interesting. Be sure to tell us your own favorite (or rather, despised) monsters in the comments. 10Cockatrice The Cockatrice can cause death with a single glance. Repo … Read More

via Listverse

8 thoughts on “Repost – 10 Monsters That Inspire Dread (via Listverse)

  1. Fascinating stuff! I once actually taught a class about this. Having to do a good deal of research left me with quite the library of monster books. 🙂 The class revolved around the question of how fears create such creatures and what their foundations are in reality (e.g., certain diseases being interpreted as vampirism, lycanthropy, etc.). Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

  2. Ahhhh, are you a listverse-er too!!??? I LOVE listverse, I practically live there 😛 Well, at least I did when I had a full time job and I found the site and read every list that looked interesting (I know, that doesn’t make sense, you’d think I’d do that on my free time!) 😛 lol – Now I just read the daily posts…lot’s of interesting stuff there!

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