The Mirror Path – Part 3

This part of the short story continues from the beginning in Part 1 – and Diana’s path in Part 2. Danni is Diana’s twin and is following a different route through the maze

Dreaming Girls Head

Image by Elfleda via Flickr

Danni ambled through the maze at a steady pace. She’d panicked at first when she hadn’t bumped into her sister, but then she’d realized she wasn’t in any immediate danger and had started to enjoy the adventure.

She took many twists and turns, at one point passing a whole army of archways. She decided against that particular path, reasoning that it didn’t look much fun and choose the straightforward paths instead, which were just basic gaps in the hedges.

Danni cast her eyes up at the sun, squinting and then glanced around, trying to gauge the direction in which she was heading. She guessed that the heart of the maze was not actually the answer to exiting the maze but rather the outer layers would be easier to navigate, though it would take more time. They were long paths, twisting but all heading in the same direction.

Image via Wikipedia

If I did go to the centre I could find a way out but I’d lose my sense of direction,” she said aloud, though she was still alone. “Plus isn’t the point of a maze to get out again?

She pondered this for a minute: The heart of the maze, in favour of the crowd, or the route less travelled.

She decided to go for the second option and carried on down the longer paths. After a few minutes the maze hedges began to turn into stone walls, the green replaced by rough sandstone.

The path suddenly opened up into a clearing and Danni found herself in a small, private courtyard.

In the centre was a small marble pool crowned by a smoothly sculpted figurine enveloping a large pale globe.

Danni leaned over the edge and gazed into the pool, her own reflection gazing back.

Copyright (c) bardicblogger / a thinker never sleeps / Teri Montague 2011
* You may notice that I’ve interchanged the words Labyrinth and  maze throughOUT the story. The reason for this is that the tourist attraction has been incorrectly nameD as Labyrinth by the company that owns it. In fact a Labyrinth is not THE SAME AS a maze and only has one path to follow, whereas a maze is meant to be a puzzle. Diana keeps referring to it as a labyrinth because of the leaflet. Danni realizes the error early on AND REFERS TO IT AS THE MAZE.

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