Writing Through The Apocalypse – Zombie Survival Guide

You open your curtains one morning and find the world in a state of disaster. Zombies are roaming the streets and you have to try to survive yet salvage your writing. Others won’t understand your obsession, they may even get mad at for slowing them down as you try to shove your unfinished manuscript pages/memory cards and usb sticks in a satchel taking up precious room reserved for supplies.




Powerful Message

Image by MSVG via Flickr

1. GRAFFITI/POSTERS – You could sneak various graffiti poems, stories, quotes or limericks on the side of buildings, trains and even on the pavements. It won’t be illegal because zombies have taken over the police stations. Just remember to use a unique tag so you people will know you as the creator!

2. RADIO – If you fail to find any writing implements or tools, you can hijack a van and set-up your own moving radio and become the voice of the damned. Okay you aren’t really writing but it’s still a way to speak to the survivors.

3. BARDIC TRADITION – Poetry and storytelling both predate the written word. If you are in a group of survivors, you could resurrect  verbal storytelling and become a wandering bard or minstrel. Just watch out for those zombies! 

A BBC Radio outside broadcast van

Image via Wikipedia

4. TECHNOLOGY – If the Internet and cell phone networks are down, try to rescue a network engineer and setup your own survivors network. Internet, phones, video phones, walkie-talkies, secret survivors networks… You could use them all to create your own post-apocalypse culture. Plus you’ll be one step ahead of the zombies as you’ll always be in touch with your fellow man and can create survival strategies as a group.

5. WRITING – You may be able to find or create your own writing implements but distribution may be a problem. Maybe you can take over an old newsroom or find an ancient printing press. The van would come in handy for distributing written media, as would an aircraft that would allow you to drop your writing down to the survivors. Just remember that your audience is in a zombie apocalypse and you may need to consider the new perspective in your writing. You could try using anti-zombie humour to keep spirits up.


The typical zombie.

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You’ve survived the zombie apocalypse and managed to keep your writing/creative career on track at the same time!

While the world is rebuilding they will sing your songs, recite your poetry and tell your stories. You, my friend, are a legend. Keeping your creative dreams even in the worst of situations and managing to take out a few zombies in the process.

Well done!

DISCLAIMER: This list is just for fun. bardicblogger takes no liability for any injuries or casualties that occur during any zombie apocalypse. This is just an article and may not work during an actual zombie apocalypse! 

5 thoughts on “Writing Through The Apocalypse – Zombie Survival Guide

  1. Or you could arm yourself with a Spas 12 combat shotgun and take them all out (sorry, I’ve been playing too much Black Ops with my son.) Hilarious post!

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