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Бородатая змея

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I grew up in an age of stories. Stories that could be read, could be seen on a big screen and could be experienced. One of my earliest memories is of watching films and getting caught up in the action and adventure. I was a big fan of fantasy, even then, especially sword and sorcery. I watched Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth was a favourite, Willow, Star Wars and everything that had a big story that caught my interest.


when they told me ...

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Yet it wasn’t all fantasy. My mother was a big fan of scifi. We regularly watched Planet of the Apes and The Land of the Giants and many of the classic sci-fi. In between years of watching Jason and the Argonauts for the hundredth time (just to see the skeleton fight) we watched films based on true stories and felt them just as much.

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Growing up a big fan of fantasy, which has no doubt had a large influence on my preference for writing fantasy, I’m pleased to see Conan the barbarian making a comeback, starring Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis and Game of Thrones (Khal Droga). The film is released this month in most countries and . It seems as though Sword and Sorcery may be making a long overdue comeback. I can only hope it’s a worthwhile homecoming and shows the true magic of high fantasy.

My cynicism aside, I’m going to look on the positive side and hope for a wonderful revival of the fantasy epic.

After all, don’t we all need a little magic in our lives?


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