The Mirror Path – Strange Depths

J. M. Harrington, personal digital image

Image via Wikipedia

This is Part 6 of the story. I don’t know how long it will be yet but here’s a quick Recap of the story so far:

The twins have been separated in a `Tourist Labyrinth’ and took different paths, Diana approaching the centre and Danni choosing the outskirts. They each came to mirrors, Diana approaching one made of glass while Danni found herself seeing herself in a reflective pool, but after touching their reflections things have begun to get strange…


Entrapped in the maze, Diana got to her feet as the world swirled around her, confused and strange. Two worlds had been bridged together hers and that of the Fae. All around her Fae walked, short, human-like creatures with pointed ears and eyes that glimmered silver in the moonlight.

She turned around, thinking that she saw her sister but it was just another mirror.

Damn, the blasted labyrinth and its tricks. Was it all part of a show for the tourists or had she really crossed over into somewhere else?

I’m always the strong one but I’m scared now, scared beyond anything else. This world, she thought, feels dangerous, as if it could unleash the darkest parts of my soul. Yet she felt liberated and the feeling unsettled her for some reason. Like I might never go home again.

“Diana, we’ve been waiting for you.” It was a boy, with auburn hair and the same strange fae features. She couldn’t have guessed his age only that he appeared to be fully grown and sounded mature.

Deusa Artemis

Image via Wikipedia

“Get off of me!” Diana would’ve recognized Danni’s scream from half a mile away. Something lurched within her. Her sister was in trouble. She had to find her urgently, but how?

The boy still seemed to be telling her to stay but yet she couldn’t hear him for thinking of Danni. Her senses were being drawn towards the entrance of a tunnel, the mouth of a semi-black hole leading down under the labyrinth.


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