Beacon of Hope


Image by eekypooh via Flickr

It seems to me that what suffers in a recession the most, is our hope, or rather our perception of the world. Our viewpoint shrinks, our opportunities and dreams seem further away as if they’re slipping from our grasp, but they aren’t.  The world is just as large and there is just as much of the important stuff as there was before. In fact, it’s in the worst times that hope breaks through and we find the true hero within.

Sir Galahad, a hero of Arthurian legend, detai...

Image via Wikipedia

Remember this, when you have your ups and downs:

You’re supposed to!

We’re all supposed to, and maybe one day we’ll understand why we had to fight so hard.

People will tell you not to try.
They’ll tell you that you can’t make things better.
But there are always choices, always opportunities.

Even / Especially when you can’t see them.


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