The Mirror Path – Wild Depths


Why she chose the tunnel she didn’t know, only that Danni kept feeling more and more adrift from her sister. The separation had begun to pain her, a deep, gnawing hunger, within her stomach. She could still picture the twisted hands of the Fae, they’d looked so beautiful and strange but something unnerved her about their beauty. It was too disturbing, like a veneer of gloss over a menacing soul.


Image by jugbo via Flickr

Where they had grabbed her arms, she had silver-green marks on them. They seemed to shine even in the poorly lit tunnel and her imagination ran wild with fear, imagining a darkness seeping into her skin and through her soul. It even smelled rotten in the tunnel, like something decayed there.

In the tunnel she could hear a scratching sound from behind her. Simple candles lit the edges of the tunnel which seemed to be narrowing as she moved further along. A large, monstrous shadow appeared over her.

Danni remained still for a split second, her eyes taking in the shape of horns, of monstrously large legs holding up a massive bulls head. She could hear the sound of breathing – no snorting, as it exhaled through its inhuman nose. Reality blurred into nothing but lines of grey as she ran full-speed through the tunnels, barely aware of her own body as it slammed into passing walls.


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