Review of Deadlier than the Male – D Michelle Gent

Deadlier than the Male is an enjoyable novel but one with an edge. The characters and settings are detailed but also exhilarating and the story is one that is rich and deep and spans over a long period of time. You really get a sense of the medieval setting and its contrast with the modern era. The story opens you up to a brutal werewolf society and is absolutely honest in showing you its violent animal nature. In the end, this novel hides nothing in its portrayal of the protagonist’s stolen innocence. Yet instead of just a drawn out pity fest, this character becomes fierce and powerful, showing the strength and tenacity that exists within the female spirit.

The only thing I found difficult about reading this, was in keeping up with the numerous characters and their interactions. There are a lot of characters to keep track of here.

Overall though, definitely a great read for lovers of paranormal historical fiction. The sense of history in this story really grabs you and D Michelle Gent doesn’t sugar-coat anything in this novel.

Deadlier than the Male can be purchased at Gingernutbooks or on Amazon.

You can also visit the facebook pages for D.Michelle Gent and Gingernutbooks

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