Today’s Writing Recipe: Inspiration

People who know me will laugh at associating anything cooking– related with me, But let’s have a bit of fun and pretend.

Welcome to the bardicblogger cooking show. Here on WordPress today we’re going to be making a batch of inspiration. First here’s what you’ll need:


A woman searches for inspiration, in this 1898...

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  • Stability – Too much chaos in your life, contrary to popular opinion, can actually hinder your inspiration. Sometimes it’s near impossible to think about writing when your mind is elsewhere.
  • Freedom – Discipline, rules and regulation can help with stability but too much can become stifling.
  • Wonder – That part of you that questions things, that wants to understand the big questions and see the beauty in small things. Keeping an open mind helps you stay open to new ideas.
  • The Zone – Yes we all love `the zone’. It’s that time when your whole brain seems to be functioning together, the creative side and critical side are working together and everything just falls into place. Ideas come out of nowhere and you are fully inspired. Sadly it’s something that often comes and goes as it pleases.
  • Fun – We need that too. Without it discouragement and inertia can easily set in. Granted sometimes it’s when we’re angry or emotional, we can become inspired but don’t let your work ethic stop you from letting off steam occasionally.
  • One Muse (or more if you like) – These can come from watching TV, reading, everyday life, life experience or just from daydreaming. Alas no one is quite sure where these muses reside so catching one to put into your recipe can prove difficult.
  • Desire to write – That can be the hardest one to find when it eludes you. If it has the chances are that you’re missing some of the other ingredients.


First get all the ingredients and mix together. Balance stability, freedom, fun and wonder in the big oven of life and then throw caution to the wind as you allow your mind to be taken over with creativity and inspiration. What you should end up with is a rich flavour of stories, poems and articles (hopefully).

Okay so it’s not that easy. Sadly no one really knows the recipe for inspiration or for creativity as it’s something that seems to just appear sporadically, but these elements can certainly influence the process.

“Now, it’s time to hear from our audience.”

What inspires you to write and how do you find your muse?
What ingredients do you need to be creative?

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