Knight and Day – Movie Review

Okay, so I’m relatively new to, a postal DVD rental service, but so far it’s been great and well worth the money. Last night was the turn of Knight and Day.

This film was directed by James Mangold who also, impressively, has Girl, Interrupted, Walk the Line and 3:10 to Yuma under his directorial belt and is about a young woman (Cameron Diaz) who gets tangled up in the world of a spy (Tom Cruise).

As I watched it, I couldn’t help but make parallels with James Bond. I saw a few scenes in there directly from the Bond films and I’m pretty sure this was a deliberate ploy on the part of the writers/directors. What this film does is turn James Bond on its head and show the spy genre from a different viewpoint.

At first, it’s done mainly from the woman’s perspective (Cameron Diaz as June Havens). She encounters a strange, super-skilled spy and gets caught up in his dangerous lifestyle but she reacts different to the women in James Bond and reacts in a more realistic way. You might roll your eyes and think that this is just another of those predictable girl-meets-boy action films, but it isn’t and the plot is solid enough, trying to mislead the audience a few times.

What really stands out is the reversal that occurs near the end of the film, where we get to see a different side to both characters. I won’t give away the end scenes but, if you look for it, you see a stark change to both the Spy character and to June, that takes you somewhere new. This keeps that film from turning predictable and the story is also kept moving at a good pace with no wasted scenes or moments.

Knight and Day

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There’s a subtle blend of humour in this film. It’s funny, full of action and pretty damn cool in some places, yet the ending is interesting. We see a reversal of roles later in the film and get to see the other side of both characters. It’s not directed primarily towards romance (though attraction is a part of it) and there are running gags that you’ll have to watch out for as you watch.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. It was paced well and balanced and had a few interesting turns in it


Great film, funny and compelling, and definitely worth a watch or two.

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