100 Words – The Watcher

My entry for this months writing prompt at: Velvet Verbosity:

The Watcher

In the depths of the night there is a random grey creature, pale-faced and ashen. She sits in her car watching the people come and go. Such normal lives compared to her own life.

Trolley and diesel buses in Queen Street at ni...

Image by express000 via Flickr

Then she looks again and sees the absurdity of each and every soul on the planet. How we conflict with each other. Never knowing or seeing who or what we truly are.

Every time she thought she’d got a grip on it, it had slipped away from her. She knew almost everything about herself but what she was. They hadn’t been able to teach her that.

copyright (C) bardicblogger / a thinker never sleeps / teri montague 2011 All rights reserved.

16 thoughts on “100 Words – The Watcher

  1. This is spooky. Have you heard of the watchers? Supposedly creatures before the biblical flood and the reason for it that were the offspring of angels mating with humans. Read a rather creepy book (kinda liked it though) called “Angelology” that dealt with the myth.

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