Mystery – Worlds Within Words (Puzzle Poem)

O’ In Quest?


Image by AlicePopkorn via Flickr

A mystery within a ministry,
A world within a word.
GoodGhosts provide entertainment,
Rattling chains on screens of old.

They create chills at second glance,
Casting consonants aside.

While curtains draw aside.


Top hat as an icon for magic
Image via Wikipedia

Some are reversed,
While others just unite.

Two are in other colours,
Hiding clearly in plain sight.

So tell me what you see,
When You Look upon this Page.



Image by natashalcd via Flickr

Is this a simple poem?
Or a riddle in a cage?

Find the hidden three,
To solve this poem’s game.
And if you really feel like playing,

Then write a riddle for the day.

Copyright (c) bardicblogger / teri montague 2011. all rights reserved.


7 thoughts on “Mystery – Worlds Within Words (Puzzle Poem)

  1. it’s simple The answer is Ghost, spectre, phantom . Didn’t even need the clue… Only reason I found this page is because I was looking on tips for something I want to do. I want to profess my love, put my wedding vows, and put my undying words in my will within the same letter. Sort of as a letter that has a new story to tell through the years even when I’m gone. I want to use a series of Dates to unlock what it truly says. Along with using a names alphabetical number destination to also to use as an unlock code. I just don’t my love to use the numbers themselves. I want to do a makeshift decoder as you will . Anyway I’m having a pow wow with mary jane so I might be typing my thoughts on the matter heheh . Good day all….. When I’m done I might even post it here. But sorry no decoder included……..

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