100 Words – Stop the Madness

This weeks prompt at Velvet Verbosity.com is Whimsy. Here’s my 100 Words:

Stop the Madness!

A Comedy icon, based on the Drama Icon

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In spite of everything, whimsy isn’t dead. No I’m not talking about a person with an odd name. I’m talking about imagination.

There have been rumours circulating recently that e-book publishers are going to start adding sound effects to e-books. From what I can see on Google, this is already happening.

Ljud - Sound

Image by Blomstrom via Flickr

In fiction, this seems to go against what a book is. The point of reading is that you have to use your imagination to fill in the missing details. Where is the Fantasy if it’s all provided for us? Where is the imagination?

Tell me, where is the whimsy?


10 thoughts on “100 Words – Stop the Madness

  1. oooh I agree as well. One of the most satisfying comments from my grandkids (to whom I would read each morning at breakfast) after attending the first Harry Potter movie was Gramma! You got ALL the voices right!

    Loved that moment – almost as much as I love them. )

  2. Part of the beauty of books is using your imagination. It’s one reason I usually have issues with books made into movies. In most cases a picture is not worth 1000 words. In fact, it frequently destroys the words 🙂

    Great piece.

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