100 Words – Inside the Veil

Here’s my entry for the current writing prompt at Velvet Verbosity:


Image by poropitia outside the box via Flickr

The word is INHIBITED:

Inside the Veil

Inside a space, there is a child.

And inside that child a space.



Inhibited by a frail veil.


She takes off the veil and sees for the first time.

Not through meshed silk.

But through human eyes,


With open perception,

She sees the world,

And for once, decides to join in.


The road is daunting,

A looming graveyard behind her.

Full of memories.

She can’t leave them behind.

Though they hinder her pace.


But inside where there was just a space,

Now there is a jewel.

The child who learned hard lessons.

Has finally learnt of their use.


copyright (C) bardicblogger / a thinker never sleeps / teri montague 2011 All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “100 Words – Inside the Veil

  1. Hi there … popping in from the 100-word challenge … my first time participating .
    I like the sense of growth … hard lessons help to mould and shape character .

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