Inside the Writer’s Mind – Flow and Pressure

The writer‘s mind is a strange place. We often go places that others find hard to understand.

Imagination - HNBD

Image by HNBD via Flickr

We live with a nagging voice that says `finish that project’, `write that scene’ as well as an overactive imagination that sees possibilities (and obstacles) in everything and frequently interrupts our day.

We may look like we are doing nothing but could be thinking out some scene or dialogue in our head, trying to work out plot points or daydreaming of new, interesting settings.

The weirdest thing about inspiration is that it often refuses to come by on-demand and although you can write without being inspired the best stories often come unbidden.

There’s a lot people don’t tell you about creative writing. There’s so much advice out there that self-pressure can become a problem to the writer and you can lose your flow. Writer’s often already have that nudging part of them that urges them to continue, some need to push themselves a little more, some push themselves too far.

What is `Flow‘?

This is when you are in the zone. You are full of ideas, you are working on your projects happily and everything seems to be coming together. In the flow, you feel everything you write, you can find the words you want and everything seems almost effortless.

Unfortunately the flow can be elusive, especially when you come to the revision stage of your writing and it can be hard to decipher between editing and over-criticizing your work. This can create a conflict.


Image by Vankuso (Dominik Starosz) via Flickr

When you come to this stage you often feel frustrated and lacking ideas. Even when you try free writing it doesn’t seem to work. If this happens don’t despair! Try to think of times when your writing has flowed. What was different then? Did you pressure yourself a little less? Have you forgotten why you love writing and become caught up in the competitive side of your nature? Have you stopped believing in yourself?

Try not to focus too much on advice from others at this point.

You will get through it and reunite with your muse again.

5 thoughts on “Inside the Writer’s Mind – Flow and Pressure

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  3. I went through a very uninspired period the last few years and it did begin to feel like I would never be inspired again. Now I’m feeling on track again everything seems much better. Thanks for stopping by.

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