The Mirror Path – FINALÉ


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Through the mirror-like image they travelled once more and appeared back in the first few passages of the maze. Only this time its complexities seemed simpler, one path leading them straight to the centre, where they sat down in the café and drank cappuccinos.

Diana and Danni were both silent for a time, enjoying the sense of relief they felt.

Danni turned around to glance back at the green mass of hedges behind them. She touched her fingers to the necklace. It felt funny around her neck, as if something not quite human charged through it. Some sort of mystery.

“I wonder how many tourists get lost in that place every year,” said Diana, finally breaking the silence.

“Not too many, I think.”


Danni looked up at her. “Somehow, I think that, it only takes certain people to that place. Not everyone is meant to see it.”

“Well I’ll be glad if I never see it again.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Danni was still looking deep in thought. She seemed different to Diana now. She seemed different. Diana had seen a new strength in her, a sense of wide-eyed curiosity that she hadn’t noticed was there before. Her quiet sister. Thirteen minutes younger than her. Something had changed.

“Come on,” said Danni, finally returning to reality. “Let’s get out of here.”

Diana smiled and they both gulped down their drinks before leaving.

A few feet away, in the café, a woman was talking to her friends and checking her cell phone.

“He hasn’t texted back and he’s not answering when I ring. How long can it take to meet us here?”

The twins looked at each, having overheard the woman, before following the straight path, riddled with tourists, out of the maze.

Copyright (c) bardicblogger / a thinker never sleeps / Teri Montague 2011
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