Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone on WordPress has had a good holiday. I will be back to posting regularly soon. I have exams in January but I will still keep up with posting at least once a week and as much as I can. For now here’s a quick run-down of ten holiday favourite films (in no particular order) that will keep you in a festive mood.

Ten Festive Film Treats

English: A Christmas Tree at Home

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1. A Muppet Christmas Carol – Not just for the kids!

2. Scrooged – To combat the inner grump

3. Oliver Twist – To make us thankful.

4. Great Expectations (BBC) NEW! TV adaptation of the novel. So far not 100% accurate but keeps a lot of the original tone.

5. The Grinch (Any version) – Another for combatting the inner grump but also great fun. 

6. The Snowman – Such a shame this wonderful film hasn’t been on this year.

7. Gremlins – Nostalgia for the 80’s child but also still fun.

8. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – More nostalgia but it doesn’t seem like the holidays without it.

9. Look Who’s Talking Now – A Christmassy atmosphere and talking animals!

10. Heidi – There’s a 2005 version but the classic version was always excellent too.

What’s your Holiday Favourites? What films do you prefer in the holidays to get you festive?

Image by ylacarmoberg via Flickr


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