Voice of the Damned – The Zombie Apocalypse continues…


In the Zombie survival guide I suggested creating a media network for the survivors. But what to broadcast…? Here’s a few suggestions:

Voice of the Damned – Your Ultimate Anti-Zombie Network

English: Animation of a T.V. set.

Image via wikipedia

Programme Listings:

  • The Morning Zombie Watch – A bit like the morning news but the field reporter‘s job requires a very brave individual. Several are lost in the making of the morning news so positions are frequently available for new field reporters.
  • The `Zombie’ Factor – A talent show with a twist
  • You, Me and the Undead Off-beat amateur sitcom about two survivors and an undead ex-boyfriend.
  • Death ValleyNaturally!
  • The Evil Dead – For Survival Tips.
  • Dead Ringer – A spin-off from the TV show Ringer.
  • One Foot in the Grave Again – Reality show about a grumpy old man and his battle with the zombies next door.
  • CSIApocalypseA crime drama for the new era.

Other programmes include:

Soccer Mom Zombie
Soccer Mom Zombie (Photo credit: juco)
  • Dog the Zombie Hunter
  • One Grave Hill
  • Waking the Undead
  • Desperate Widow
  • Wheel of Torture
  • Apocalypse Break
  • Downtown Alley
  • The Dead Files
  • Zombie Wipeout
  • WWE – Viral

Of course the network is always open to new programme suggestions. Please leave any ideas in the comments box below.

2 thoughts on “Voice of the Damned – The Zombie Apocalypse continues…

  1. Dude, this is seriously clever. Thank you for giving this weighty subject the attention it deserves. By the way, I just saw episode 9 of “The Walking Dead.” The group has got to lighten up on Shane Walsh. He’s high strung, but you can count on him when runners and lame brains wanna take what you got!



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