Spontaneity – The Magic Factor

It’s a commonly held perspective that writers thrive on chaos. Reading my previous posts you might think that I hold that perspective but I don’t. What I value is spontaneous ideas.

Alfonso A. Ossorio, Forearmed, mixed media ass...

Alfonso A. Ossorio, Forearmed, mixed media assemblage, 1967 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you’re very young, this is fairly easy to do. Everything seems new and you’re unlikely to worry so much about your writing. When you get older however, the difficulties of daily life can impede your perspective. Being spontaneous in thought is a wonderful thing in writing. It’s that one idea or image in your mind that can turn into a whole story. It’s playing with words, writing a poem or random thought just for fun. This is important for writing, as well as for your own sanity and is also the reason that I don’t advocate being exceptionally organized or exceptionally chaotic. Neither seems compatible with writing.

Writing seems to occur in a middle ground. Ordered and yet spontaneous and yet part of a whole. It’s not something you can grasp hold of or force and believe me you’ll know when you’re forcing something, it just won’t feel right. I really believe that writing comes from somewhere without words, from an unknown, uncharted place that you are part aware of and part unaware of. Words are just the method in which we try to express those concepts. We can learn methods of writing but this must be interrelated with the spontaneity otherwise you may find that you lose your love for your writing. I don’t think I can stress this enough, having gone through this myself at one point:

Always allow yourself room for manoeuver, whether it’s in writing or in your life or as Oscar Wilde puts it `Art cannot flourish under a tyrant’.


4 thoughts on “Spontaneity – The Magic Factor

  1. This is so true for me; when something becomes a chore, I seem to lose interest, and eventually, end up not caring for it. I define a chore as a task that is not enjoyable or that is forced.

  2. ‘Being spontaneous in thought is a wonderful thing in writing.’

    I very much agree with this. It’s good when you can express yourself freely, isn’t it?

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