100 Words is back over at Velvet Verbosity! I’m running over the 100 words this time but here’s my entry SCANDAL from the writing prompt SPECTACLE

She made a spectacle of herself every weekend, booze down, mini-skirt up, while onlookers watched in disapproval. Still, she was exciting to observe, thought Janie. Different at least. Janie herself could barely wear a vest top without feeling exposed, as if there was some shame in it.


Janie (Photo credit: Will Foster)

“She’ll get herself in trouble, dressed like that.”
It was her neighbour leaned over the fence in his dirty overalls. He’d been gardening again or maybe he just liked to gawp at the girls on the street while pretending to pluck the weeds.

Janie heard the comment often about her neighbour. She did dress provocatively but underneath that veneer of confidence was a vulnerable girl, not much different from any young woman making pretences of being mature. It often told Janie more about them than about her neighbour revealing deep-rooted prejudices about those sort of girls.

Janie understood but didn’t always agree. People were never that simple, not underneath.


8 thoughts on “Scandal

    • Thanks I’m glad you picked up the conflicting feelings there. I wanted to get across that Janie does feel a little uncomfortable about her neighbor being underdressed. However I also wanted to show that she has more understanding of the neighbor rather than judging her outright like others might.

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