Horizon – 100 Words

This week’s prompt from Velvet Verbosity is `Road Trip’.

Although the prompt inspires me to think of physical travel I’ve decided to take a more personal, metaphysical approach to the prompt. Here it is:


Long Road

Long Road (Photo credit: Johnny Peacock)

On the road anything is possible. We move from place to place never really knowing where we’re going or what we want and somehow we’re fine with that but when we hit a wall, we begin to question the journey.

Illness can prevent movement. Lying for months in a bed with only four walls and an overactive mind. It’s in looking back that I realize that we need to be able to see forward, to be able to believe in a future where things are better. I forgot that meaning lies in every experience whether we see it or not.

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9 thoughts on “Horizon – 100 Words

  1. I often wonder how people with long-term illness retain the will to live. I don’t mean that in the morbid way, but really, it’s fascinating to me what the human mind is capable of living through, finding a reason to wake up and face another day. And sometimes even find great joy in the face of what seems ought to be so joy-killing.

    • I’ve been laid up ill a few times in my life, even once with whooping cough so I don’t mind it so much. The nature of this particular illness was that it affected my eyesight and confined me pretty much to the house. It also stopped me being able to read, write or even to watch TV and no one knew what it was or if it would get better at all. It’s safe to say it was a pretty awful time in my life but it did get better and my eyesight is fine now.

  2. I used to wonder this about my dad before he passed. He loved to travel. When he got cancer, he spent most of his life in bed. It makes you realize what you had before.

    • I know what you mean. When my dad passed I thought a lot about the stories he’d told me of his childhood and everything he did. One thing I can say is that he refused to do things other people’s way, even in the way he died, he had to do it how he wanted which is something quite remarkable really.

  3. Dear BardicBlogger,
    You are right. It is good to look forward and see that good things are possible. Getting out of the house and traveling shows you new prospectives. If you can’t get out of the house, then you have to travel in your mind to a new way of thinking. Thanks for writing your blog.
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

    • Thanks for your kind commen Joan. I agree. I think travel whether physical or metaphysical is good for the mind, it’s the best way to get out of being stuck. A large part of it for me was finally leaving a job I no longer found fulfilling.

  4. “…meaning lies in every experience whether we see it or not.” So true! I love that statement. It’s something I try to impart on my daughter all the time, when she struggles with book-learning. Thank you for putting it so succinctly and gracefully.

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