The 2 Types of Novelists

Although each writer is different it occurs to me that there are two types of writers, particularly when it comes to novels:

Born Writers and Choice Writers.

Born Writers are those that have always written stories, from the moment they could hold a pen or type words.

Choice Writers are those,often educated, to appreciate literature or those who have decided to try their hand at creative writing.

A good reason to recognize these distinct types is that born writers and choice writers have different preferred writing methods. Those who have always written often thrive better at writing in their natural way, which is usually at the mercy of their moods, whims, inspiration and energy levels.

Choice writers often prefer to have writing structures, plans and prefer to understand writing by blueprints such as plot structure and word counts.

Personally, I don’t remember word counts unless there’s a limit as part of a writing activity. I don’t want to dissect my writing and structure it as if it’s a building. For me writing is like architecture but the blueprints are my own and do not need to be hindered by the status quo or to deliberately defiant of the status quo either. The common misunderstanding with this line of thought is that people mistake creative thinking as laziness not understanding that undisciplined writing can still take as much consideration and hard work as structured creative thinking. Writers are the architects of their own structures but their building materials can run the risk of falling down, of disintegrating under their designs and often need to be redesigned until they have made something they feel stands as best as it can. I guess what I’m trying to suggest it that writing can be much freer than you anticipate and should be something that can go anywhere and do anything.

Part of the reason that I created this blog was to encourage others but it was also to encourage myself to be braver about posting what I really believe, as opposed

to what I feel I am supposed to believe ,as a writer. Honesty, I believe is a key essence of creative writing, even if it that honesty is disguised in fiction or fantasy. So whether you are new to writing or have been doing it for as long as you can remember have fun playing with the structures and design something with your vision.

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