Writing – Balancing Your Time

Writing can be hard to fit around work and general daily life. We do it because we enjoy it and because it has meaning for us or sometime to give ourselves a challenge. But how do you find time for fun around your working life, family life and creative life. Here’s some ways to keep balanced.

1. Don’t force yourself into unrealistic timetables.

Some people find comfort in knowing exactly what they need to do and when but sometimes we get overcompetitive and force too much into a single day. For me timetables don’t motivate me so when I plan I don’t plan specific times and generalize roughly what I’m going to do during the day. If it changes because something else comes up, that’s fine. Not everyhing can be planned.

2. Let yourself Play

As we get older we are taught that responsibility comes first but having fun is important for adults too. Fun activities often stimulate creativity and inspire you. People often criticize adults who play video games but these games train your hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Many activities that we consider just fun have positive effects on learning. Don’t negiotiate on this. Work is important but play is equally important.

3. Prioritize

Writing is no doubt important to you but most people won’t understand this unless you are earning money from it. Ignore them. If it’s your passion don’t just find time for it. Make it part of your life. I write at night more because I have free time then but I still prioritize it, I just don’t pressure myself to do it everyday. Some weeks I will write pages and pages every night, other weeks not a single page but this is how I work best. 

Overall the most important thing to remember is that there are times when you won’t have time to do everything you want and that’s normal. Try not to overcommit yourself to doing too much and soon you’ll find a more natural balance. It can be hard but at least you’re trying. At least you’re doing something you are passionate about. 

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