100 Words – Exodus

The prompt this time is ‘Cold’.

The cold air pushed his hood back, the chill battering his face. He stumbled in the white landscape, pulling the fabric back up and tightening the drawstrings, trying and failing to stop his skin from being exposed. Above, the three planets were visible, aligned as three stars. He must’ve been desperate to come here in the first place. He barely remembered his life back in the city. His ship had been repaired long ago, yet he remained a lone person on this isolated, extreme landscape. Going back was too much. All the people. All the nonsense. 

No more lies. 

Copyright (C) bardicblogger / a thinker never sleeps / Teri Montague 2017. All rights reserved

3 thoughts on “100 Words – Exodus

    • Thanks! I have considered turning a scene like this into a longer scifi story. I’m working on another novel at the moment but it’s certainly at the back of my mind for another project.

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