Inner Mob

Fake News! Fake news!
Everyone’s confused!
Our opinion is right!
No evidence, thought or care.
Our opinion is right!
(Even though we weren’t there).

Freedom of Speech!
To hurt as we see fit.
To yell ‘Special Snowflake!
And call you ‘Weak! Weak! Weak!’
For giving a sh-
For caring.
Because only weak people can care.
For helping those most vulnerable.
Because we will never learn.

Aggression, rage, fear, lies.
See him over there!
That different looking guy.
You watch out for him and all of his kind.
He’s the enemy within.
Because we’ve all gone blind.
Except for our colour vision.
That’s very much alive.
Because we’re angry.
We’re angry!
So so angry inside!
We’re voting to change the establishment.
By allowing them to thrive.
Manipulated into hate.
So into facism we dive.
Headfirst into disaster.
With arguments we glide.
Plunging into the familiar depths
Where evil is revived.

It all started with words
And led to genocide.
But it’s not the same!
It’s not the same!
I hear everyone cry.
Except it was only yesterday
We heard the very same lines.
It’s rehearsed in history books.
We all wondered why…
No one intervened and everyone sat blind.
Why did people agree?
And listen to all the lies?
Now I see it everyday.
In comment sections online.

The hatred and the fear,
Disguised as patriot pride.
The callousness for others.
The hate for those outside.
I never saw so much coldness.
In all of my life,
Than in the comment section of a Youtube video.
And the cyber social mind.

Copyright (C) bardicblogger / a thinker never sleeps / Teri Montague 2017. All rights reserved.


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