Liebster Award Nominations

Thank you to Raimey Gallant for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Here’s the rules, my answers to the questions and my nominations. For details on the award click here.


My Nominations –  Technically the Liebster is supposed to be for new bloggers but I’ve picked bloggers who’ve stood out recently in my feed (as it depends on what you want to define as new). Also, just to let the nominees know, if you don’t want to do this whole process, I completely understand and don’t expect you to if it’s not your thing so don’t feel obliged by the nomination. According to the Liebster page you can use the  badge if nominated but do check the link above for full details. This is in no particular order.

Liebster Award Rules and Nominees:
Rule 1: Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
Rule 2: Answer the 11 questions the person asked you.
Rule 3: Nominate 11 people (comment on their blog to let them know)
Rule 4: Ask the people you have nominated 11 questions (My questions are at the bottom of this post.)

My Answers
1. Who is your favourite author that you haven’t listed as a password backup for a financial institution. I don’t answer any questions about passwords ever, even in this context. Sorry.
2. Invent a hashtag that you would like to see gain traction. #BeNicerToEachOther
3. The wackiest writing prompt you can think of on the fly. Spring cheese
4. What genre(s) do you write in, and what subgenre(s) do you spice in? Not sure what you mean by spice in as I’m not familiar with slang but I am a dark fantasy writer, some scifi, political and philosophical poetry.
5. What does your plotting/pantsing technique involve? Please describe using morse code. Kidding. You can use letters. I just start from an image or idea and work it out mostly in my head chronologically as I go along. If it’s not working I got back to the point at which it feels like I lost my way and try again.
6. Using only three-word sentences, tell us about your childhood (i.e. I hated hockey. Mom re-married dad. Toaster broke window.) Fairly normal childhood.
7. Write the eulogy for one of your characters in less than 100 words. I rarely kill off characters and can’t even think of one that I have. Maybe in the future there will be some.
8. Tell us something quirky about you. I have an overactive imagination and daydream pretty much all the time.
9. I’m gonna need you to dig deep for this one. If chances are slim, how can something be fat about it (fat chance)? Because fat chance is sarcastic and is deliberately oppositional to slim chance for that reason.
10. If you could change one thing about a social media site, what would it be? Just less hostility between people for having different opinions.
11. Please only answer a or b. (Hint: Don’t answer a, because the Internet is forever!) a) What is your number of sexual partners? b) How many plots do you have in your head on any given day? To answer b), I have no idea. Several variations. My mind is just a mini cinema most of the time.

My 11 questions for Liebster nominees:
1. How do you feel as a writer when required to focus on yourself rather than your writing, for profiles, interviews etc? E.g. Does it make you uncomfortable or do you enjoy it?
2. What is your favourite genre to write?
3. Do you like poetry that doesn’t rhyme?
4. What genre/type of writing do you wish that you could write?
5. In one word can you describe your writing style?
6. Do your pets ever interrupt you when you write?
7. What is your favourite character of all time across all types of media?
8. If you could choose another creative talent, e.g. singing, drawing, dancing, sculpting, what would it would be?
9. How many pseudonyms do you have?
10. Are you a planner or do you just start writing?
11. Do you prefer e-book publishing or traditional publishing or do you not mind either way?

If you have any questions don’t forget to check out the link at the top of the article. Happy blogging!

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