Inspiration – How to Deal with Slow Periods

Every writer will at some point experience slumps or slow periods in their writing. Here’s a few things to keep in mind during those periods:

1. Writing is an art not a production line.

Sometimes as a writer, you will be full of ideas, writing many things at once, getting lots done. Those are good periods. Writing  like all things is cyclical though and you will inevitably have periods of low activity when nothing seems to happen, you can’t think of anything to write and you just can’t seem to get inspired or motivated. This is normal and if you recognize this as just a low activity period that will pass you will become inspired again in now time.

2. Do something else but keep writing at the back of your mind.

Doing something that recharges and reinspires you will restore your energy. Often slumps are from overworking or from overproducing content. I do not blog as frequently as many other bloggers for this reason. I know that I will lose interest if I turn it into a chore and that forcing myself to constantly produce will produce poorer writing. Practise is great but the creative part of you needs a breather sometimes. It needs new information and inspiration. Read, watch TV, play video games, do another hobby for a while. Don’t think about it for a while but remember to have the thought on the back of your mind that you will return to it. 

3. Free writing

If you are still struggling do some freewriting and write whatever comes into your head as it does so. Often this is key way of unlocking creativity because it lets you tap into the idea which is at the core of creativity – a freedom to express whatever you want to express. Let your brain play with ideas and words. Learn to be in that creative state of mind more and ideas will come to you.

4. Eat, sleep, socialize

Sometimes we forget these simple concepts when working hard and can forget that we to look after ourselves to be able to work. Even if it’s just online socializing or ringing a family member don’t isolate yourself too much from others. 

 5. Try a writing challenge

Although I do not follow the 100 words challenge every week, I find the exercise really inspiring. Trying to think of something from just one word is a great exercise because it encourages randomness and hones a specific skill that encourages you to be able to write about anything. Thinspiralnotebook hosts a weekly 100 word exercise which allows you to post your link once you complete the exercise. Writing exercises are great for drumming up inspiration and are often grear fun too. 

6. Relax. 

It’s just a slow period, a time for recharging yourself. Don’t build it up to be anything more and you will be fine. Top many people want to label those quieter periods as problems. It’s a natural part of creative writing. Even the best athletes, musicians, artists have off periods. No one is at their best all of the time. Accept this and move forward once you feel able to write again. You will be inspired again in no time.


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