The Dream of Me – Poem

I wish I was a straight line
An easy fit for your boxes
I wish I was an open book
Not a locked box in need of a key

I wish I fit your easy categories
About how I feel inside
But I am cake

I wish you could read me as I read you
All your open faces
All your empty promises
Your small world view
So black and white
But I am grey

I am a sky in the ocean
A dream while awake
A blend
A mix

I see your limited view of what I can be
Of how the world works
I see your attempts to box me in.
I wish I was your idea of me
You need for me to fit
But I can’t.

I cannot change who I am
However much you try to force me.

I can only be me
Not your dream of who I should be.

Copyright (C) Teri Montague / bardicblogger 2018. All Rights Reserved.


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