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MY FLASH FICTION, POEMS and serials all in order

I don’t like leaving my stories hanging without finishing them so I’ll often return to them and write another scene. Here’s the page where all the fiction links live, so that they can be read in the correct order. Most were written as part of the 100-Words writing prompt at Velvet Verbosity but I may post extended versions or new scenes and keep them going. Poems are at the bottom of the page.


(The Depression) The Single Men's Unemployed A...

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100-Words Prompts started this series, about an unemployed man going who gets caught up in unusual circumstances. Not written any more yet but may continue this with more prompt-based entries or scenes.

  1. Writing Prompt:Starved
  2. Writing Prompt:Unconscious
  3. Writing Prompt:Compliments.

The Mirror Path

Twins separated and lost in a maze – A fantasy story inspired by another 100-Words prompt `Split. I have ideas, and an end in sight but don’t know how long it will take me to get there. Check back here for updates and well as on the main page.


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  1. The Mirror Path – Beginning
  2. The Mirror Path – Part 2
  3. The Mirror Path – Part 3
  4. The Mirror Path – Part 4
  5. The Mirror Path – Part 5
  6. The Mirror Path – Strange Depths
  7. The Mirror Path – Wild Depths
  8. The Mirror Path – Instinct
  9. The Mirror Path – Voices
  10. The Mirror Path – Trap
  11. The Mirror Path – Judgment
  12. The Mirror Path – Puzzle
  13. The Mirror Path – Chasm
  14. The Mirror Path – Finalé


More flash fiction from 100-word writing prompts, these are all individual pieces and are not (usually) part of any series. Any follow-ups with less than 3 entries will be listed here as well.

100 words Writing Exercise – How It Improves Your Writing?

  1. The Unseen Battle (A Soliloquy)
  2. 100 Words: The Watcher
  3. 100 Words – The Watcher Part 2
  4. Scandal
  5. Happy New Year! 100 Words: The Pathfinder
  6. 100 Word Prompt – Rising
  7. 100 Words – The Shy Girl
  8. 100 Words – Expecting
  9. 100 Words – Exodus
  10. Outsider Complex – 100 Words
  11. 100 Words Poem – Rich Man’s Woe
  12. 100 Words – Stargazing
  13. 100 Words – A Short Trip
  14. Jupiter’s Storm
  15. 100 Words – Refugee
  16. 100 Words – Company
  17. 100 Words – Bad Sport


The description says it all. All the poems on the blog can be found here:

Marbles of different sizes and colors.

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  1. Poem: A Camera Stole My Soul
  2. Writing Prompt: Game
  3. 100 Words: For Wards, Waifs and Strays
  4. The Cities are Burning
  5. Don’t Look Down – Vertigo Poem
  6. Mystery – Worlds Within Words (A Puzzle Poem)
  7. 100 Words – Inside the Veil
  8. Time Fades
  9. Beowulf – The Wonder Blood
  10. Nil
  11. The Spear – Poem
  12. 100 Words – Strike (The Iron is Hot)
  13. Horizon – 100 Words
  14. A Body of Memory
  15. Freedom is..
  16. 100 Words – The Ruined Temple
  17. Clash of the Time Zones – 100 Words
  18. 100 Words – The Scavenger’s Game
  19. Prompt Needed – 1OO Words
  20. Ghost of the Night Life – 100 Words Prompt
  21. New Years Eve
  22. The Key is Capital – Poem
  23. The Current Build of Politics – Poem
  24. Poem – Missiles
  25. Inner Mob
  26. Using Swearing in Fiction (Warning. Contains Actual Swearing)

Shorts Stories (Not 100 Words)

1. She Who Dwells

  1. Playing with Post Its
  2. Social Literature – Technology and Self Expression

In case you haven’t noticed it at the bottom of the page here’s the copyright bit:


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