Poem – Missiles

We all throw stones

Each side has its own slingshot

It’s own ammunition to load

We all throw rocks

We want tradition or change

We want religion or science

I’m right. You’re wrong.

Simple even though it’s not.

We all launch missiles.

Hating those who disagree.

Threatening those who are not me.

Mocking those who cannot see.

We are divided.

Destroying each other.

We rise and fight again.

Endless chaos.

No one learns.

Murdering the truth.

False News.



No one humble.

No middle ground to say

I understand.

I can listen.

I don’t have to agree.

And so we all burn.


Copyright (C) bardicblogger / a thinker never sleeps / Teri Montague 2017. All rights reserved


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