Poem: A Camera Stole My Soul

I like taking photos but sometimes my efforts fall short.

A Camera Stole My Soul

Oh, hateful lens…

I stand in the garden,

Looking up at the vast grey sky,
Clouds shifting,
Travelling to far off places
Slowly marching to the unknown.

A beautiful picture.

My mind sees life,
Summer evening air,
I can hear the trees trembling in the wind.
I feel the depth of the night drawing closer.

Click the button.

The flash goes.
Check the screen for my experience.

A dead image is all I see,

You can’t capture my soul!
You can’t replicate this moment.

`The camera never lies.’

But it misses so much.

© Copyright 2011 bardicblogger aka A thinker never sleeps (UN: merryteri at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

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