Update and Writing Tips – Sightseeing

Blog Update (Or Should I Say Valid Excuses for Not Posting Regularly)

So, I know I’ve been quiet on the posting front for a little while. I’m coming up to the third and final year of my degree in English and I’ve undertaking a lot of reading and research for my dissertation project. Creative writing, as always is still something I’m doing but as far as posts go I’ve been a bit preoccupied, as well as having a reading list for next year that includes a phenomenal amount of books. When I’m sending out my research questions I’ll likely be posting a questionnaire here and asking for people’s participation but fear not I’ll not be bombarding the blog with dissertation associated material. This will remain a creative writing-focussed blog and the questionnaire will be posted only once on here and once on the Facebook page when it’s ready. In the meantime I have some ideas for upcoming posts and, as is my natural method I’ll write soon and go with whichever tips and pieces of creative work I feel it’s best to share.


For today I’m sharing one tip for you. Whenever you travel anywhere new, take some stock of the sightseeing opportunities for new places can often inspire new imagery in your writing and may spur stories and ideas that you hadn’t considered before. Museums may not be for you but there’s also art, architecture, culture and generally just being and seeing somewhere new.

 I recently spent a week in Liverpool visiting my sister and my nephews. Here’s a few of the photos I took of the city.


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