Resisting Writer’s Block – 100 Words

The 100 Word Prompt From Velvet Verbosity this week is Resistance:

Resisting Writer’s Block

We push against the tide,
Each day of our lives.
Sometimes boredom finds us,
Stranding us in a stimulation-free hell.
Deserting us in dull-hearted responsibility.

I can’t stand boredom.
It’s emptiness, a deep pit of monotonous days.
Is this maze eternal?
Has everything been done before?
Or is there a new world my soul is ready to explore.

Riot with resistance,
Fight with fury,
Distance yourself from mediocrity,
or else be damned by public juries.

Where are the visionaries?
Where are the seers?
Is this new world forever uninspired?

De-powered, de-throned.
Before I’d even started.
Making pleas to my muse…

11 thoughts on “Resisting Writer’s Block – 100 Words

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  2. “Distance yourself from mediocrity…” this is the hardest thing for me regarding writer/s block. Do I just write, no matter the substance, or wait until it is something I don’t, at least, hate.

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  4. Creativity and the muse seem to have their own schedule and they hardly ever give us the heads up. My muse loves to tease me when I’m in the shower with soap in my eyes, or just falling to sleep. Very inconvenient.

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